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Amazing Lead Generation Tools for Your Website

Every other person who is running an online business is creating websites for the growth of their business. Hence, development companies like Drupal Website Development Companies in USA are growing widely.

People who have created the websites for their business for the first time might find some complications while promoting their website or services. They don’t know how to get connected with the new people and how to get more benefits out of online marketing.  

If you don’t have any idea about technical things that is fine because you can overcome this weakness by understanding the main requirements of the market. For such new users of online marketing, there are some special approaches that can help them generate a lead for their businesses.

Get the leads from following tools and enhance your business revenue by applying them to your business.


Quora is a free lead generation tool which allows everyone to ask questions and get answers. It is a great tool which provides you various benefits such as, It can be used to drive traffic to your site, build your authority on topics, and even get some SEO benefits.

If you have any business related questions you can ask it on Quora and get the best answers. Similarly, it also allows you to answers to a lot of people’s questions and makes new connections for your business. Make sure you provide the best answer so that people pay attention to it and you get the potential leads for your business.

That is not the only benefit of Quora, It is also good for the SEO purpose. If your Quora answers get maximum likes and shares they might appear on the Google and Bing searches which will help you to get familiar among the huge people.  

Technology Trends

Being an online service provider you should be active on the social networking sites and you should provide support according to the latest technology trends. You should know what people actively interested in and what are the outdated things which people avoid.   

To enable your website and develop effective conversion it is very important to understand the market strategies and work on them. Check out the latest Google trends and post the quality content with attractive images of your services or products accordingly. It will help you to increase the productivity of your business and let you get connected with new users.  

You can hire Drupal Website Development Companies for creating a superb website. As their developers only work on the latest technology and if you want you can ask several questions to them regarding the used technology and this way you don’t have to understand the latest trends by your own, you will get expert’s advice regarding the latest technology trends.



It is a very popular lead generation tool that allows you to diagnose your own website with the help of a free audit tool to get the effective leads and conversions.

Same way visitors can also generate a web page by emails or phones with the help of a free audit tool for any kind of query. This is how you will get the instant alerts from the visitors by email with the contact information. This information will help you to convert those queries into sales and this way you can generate a lot of leads from this simple tool.
These were a few amazing lead generation tools for your website which can help you increase your business revenue.

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