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Boost Your Twitter Marketing with Analytics: Here’s How

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The era of social media was started a decade ago. When we hark back, we find out from a number of social media platforms that kicked off back then, only a few have survived. Twitter was one of them and has evolved as a powerful marketing platform over the past years, providing a cultivated space for businesses to thrive in.

However, how your web development company exploit the platform, decides the outcome of your campaigns and efforts. As a business, you want to make your content reach to more and more audience with time, without losing your hold over the ones you have contacted before.

One proven way to achieve that is to understand the data provided by the analytic tools and later performing a deep analysis to plan your next steps. In a nutshell, you need to figure out what’s working in your social media efforts and what’s not. Twitter’s analytic tool helps you to find in-depth information about the performance of each post.

If you are new to this, we will help you make headway in your Twitter campaigns by employing Twitter’s analytic tools right from the beginner. Here are the journey starts:


1. Twitter Analytics: Where to Find it?

If you already have a Twitter account, click your profile picture and a list of several options will unfold. Examine it to find the Analytics feature and click it. Here you go, the analytic tool page will show up.


2. An Extensive Analytic Tool

The page shows you extensive information and data on a single dashboard. Primarily, you see a brief 28 day summary of your account’s performance in terms of a total number of tweets, impressions (how many people saw your posts), profile visits, mentions (how many times your profile was mentioned), and the number of followers in that period.

All this precious information comes to you with the percentage increase or decrease in a particular category. You can switch to monthly analysis to daily one whenever you want, just to check your post’s daily performance or to find total impressions for the day.

Information is the primary ground to take further actions. All this analytics helps you find whether you need to make changes or not.


3. Repeat what’s working

Sometimes, it becomes really crucial to know which of your content is being liked the most by your targeted audience. Moreover, knowing what repels them, can be equally leveraged for your next strategy.

To know your most popular content, explore the top tweet, top media tweet, and top mention section. Once you figure out what content is going viral, all you need to do is creating similar content.


4. Experiment with Content

By far, you may have known that what kind of content is getting appreciated by your audience. However, that’s certainly not the time when you sit back. Research and find new ways to engage your audience. People get bored easily. So, bring them something new every once in awhile.

The better you get at analysing all the scattered information, the better chance you will be able to make. With engaging content, attractive visuals, and all the analytic information to fuel your campaigns, your social media marketing efforts will be boosted with a tremendous speed.

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