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Nokia New Android phone Specifications

Nokia Android phone

Nokia New Android:The very first Nokia-branded smart device is to be launched exclusively in China.The gadget will be marketed in partnership with the neighborhood net retail large team behind the Nokia 6 phone said it believed the mobile phone’s “premium design” would certainly interest the regional market.The statement accompanied the final day of the CES technology program in Las vega, where other new smart phones as well as gadgets […]

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Friend Request Movie Review 2016

Friend-Request movie

Enjoying university life as a popular student, Laura shares everything with her greater than 800 buddies on Facebook. However one day, after approving a pal request from a social derelict named Marina, Laura’s life is cursed, as well as her closest buddies start passing away terrible fatalities. Prior to her time is up, Laura must resolve the mystery behind Marina and her Facebook account, in order to damage the dangerous […]

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CES 2017 new Searching for the sounds of technology

CES 2017: Searching for the sounds of tech

CES is a visual banquet of lights, colour, people, outfits – and also certainly endless gadgets. There are lots of striking photos from the program floor.But are any one of the exhibitors curious about thrilling your ears?.Rather like the city of Las Vegas itself, it has its own distinctive beat.There’s the hubbub of chatter. The hiss of vending cart coffee machines. The thumping bass and discord of different stereos trying […]

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