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Steps to Exploit Apple’s Search Ads to Boost the Visibility of Your App Without Spending

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Apple has recently expanded its App Store’s Search Ads in UK, New Zealand, and Australia. It is anticipated that Search Ads will be available worldwide in just a matter of months. It may seem like a thing for big fishes with a giant budget and bigger LTVs at first glance but it can actually boost your application’s visibility in store by as much as 50% if you employ the right strategies.

While the rumors about iPhone 8’s September launch are on the hike, many iPhone app development companies in USA are looking for ways to raise their ROI in iTunes stores through increased visibility.

No doubt, that big boys rule app store’s top grossing chart and smaller organizations can’t spend a fortune just for Ads. However, this article will guide you through the strategies essential to outperform in the SERP without spending a single penny:

  1. Search for Relevant, High-Traffic Keywords

Put yourself in your user’s shoes and try to figure out the keywords you think the users will put in the search bar to find your business.

Additionally, you can use abundant of free tools available on the internet and enter your top keywords and look out for the suggestions with most popularity ratings.

  1. Make a list

Once you have noted down the most popular keywords, segment them according to their popularity ratings and enlist them in a spreadsheet.

  1. Optimize the Name of Your Application (if possible)

If your application is still finding its feet in the competition and has not been downloaded by ample of people yet, you might want to consider changing its name to one that ranks comparatively better.

Studies conducted by several iPhone app development services in USA highlight the significance of app’s name over other fields such as app description.

  1. Optimize Your App’s Description

Description optimization comes second once you’ve done with your app’s name. iTunes stores grant quite a bit of space/ character limit to put up the description of your app.

Remember the keyword list you made earlier? It’s time to employ it. Make sure to utilize the full space given and make it as keyword rich as possible with the terms were most popular.

Moreover, if you know a thing or two about off-page SEO, strive to get backlinks from a number of sites. That’s will trick the search engine that your app relatively holds more value than the competition if a lot of sources are referring to it.


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